Thursday, May 28, 2009

20 Fav Things

I got this from Jenn..

1. Color- Red
2. Dessert- Chocolate ice cream and bananas
3. Smell- clean laundry
4. Flower-tulips or gerbra daisys
5. Animal- none -- except my 'niece' Abby- how can i not love her.
6. Month- September
7. Beverage- the perfect vanilla latte!
8. Pair of shoes - black heels -- any black heels
9. Snack- chocolate covered pretzels
10. Song- 'Our Song' ~ Taylor Swift, or 'Little Guy' ~ Gord Bamford
11. Book- The Love Dare ~ amazing book for any married couple
12. Fruit-raspberries
13. Hairstyle - long
14. Piece of clothing- my new spring jacket -- very JackieO
15. Store to clothes shop - Cleo lately -- but I love Creme de la Creme in St J's
16. Season -Autumn
17. Hobby- SCRAPBOOKING!!!!
18. Thing to collect - snow babies
19. Movie- anything girlie
20. Restaurant- Wildcraft

Your turn. If you play just leave a message and link in the comments

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