Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That which is awesome inspires awe.

I have been more then frustrated lately with the use of the word awesome.

Awesome, awe-some, awe inspiring, in awe of something.

I am not in awe of an object, or a book or even a person. I am in awe of my God, and I guess that's what this all comes down to.

I remember as a child singing:
"God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God"

I am in complete awe of my God, and all that he has created! I am amazed at what the universe contains and the fact that God loves us so much to create all of it for us. Our bodies are amazing miracles that he created with care.

I get very frustrated with the use of the word. It is so casually thrown around by society today not realizing the full meaning of it. In the Psalms David is in awe of God and writes so many songs about how amazing and awesome God is.

I have stopped myself from using the word awesome. I am making an effort to use it in reference to all that God has done for me. My God Is An AWESOME God. He inspires awe in me!

Think about it. When you say that something is awesome, does it really inspire awe in you?

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